Global Business Ethics

Global Business Ethics 2

Global exposure in the teaching and learning process in the Bachelor of Management environment has become commonplace. One way is by presenting guest lectures from foreign lecturers. This time it was Dr. Bart Jansen from New York University who attended on Tuesday 1 May 21 for the Business Ethics course. The presence of Dr. Bart provided global philosophical and practical values ​​in lectures, receiving positive responses from students. Dozens of undergraduate management students in the Business Ethics class received enriching material from Dr. Bart. Dr. Bart himself was very enthusiastic in providing material to students.
Apart from the guest lecture, an informal meeting was also held with the Head of the Management Department, FEB Unair, Dr. Gancar C Premananto accompanied by KPS S1 Management Dr. Dien Mardhiyah, who discussed the next steps for collaboration between campuses. Let's wait for the next collaboration activity.

Global Business Ethics 3

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