Management at FEB Expo 2024

Management at FEB Expo 2024 11zon

February 23 2024, was one of the promotional moments from the FEB UNAIR Management Department to several high schools in East Java. Opened by the Dean of FEB UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Dian Agustia, SE., Ak., said that the Expo was held to better introduce FEB UNAIR with its 14 study programs as a credible campus that already has 2 international accreditations ABETS21 Japan and FIBAA Germany. On this occasion, the Management Department presented Dr Dien Mardhiyah, as KPS S1 to introduce how exciting and innovative the lectures at Unair's Bachelor of Management were. Several courses have used project based learning and experiential based learning in lectures. Ensuring that students from the Z generation group can have engagement with lecture material. To foster entrepreneurship, management has even built a holistic entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The event also featured resource persons for the high school teachers who attended, from the Management Department, the theme "From Hobby to Money" was presented by Noorlaily Fitdiarini, MBA. Management lecturer who is also an entrepreneurial practitioner.
Hundreds of visitors filled the Soepoyo Hall, enthusiastic in looking for information about Undergraduate Management FEB UNAIR, which is one of the study programs with a high level of rigor at Airlangga University.

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