International Business Education Outlook Seminar

The Department of Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Airlangga University, in collaboration with Hailey College of Commerce, University of Punjab Pakistan, and Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia, convened the International Business Education Outlook Seminar on February 17, 2024. Under the theme "Exploring the Future Need for Business HR," this prestigious event brought together distinguished speakers and academics from three nations.

The seminar featured prominent speakers representing their respective countries: Muhammad Fasieh Mehta from Pakistan, Dr. Mohamad Yusak Anshori from Indonesia, and Jamil Bakri from Malaysia. Additionally, esteemed academics, including Dr. Ahmed Muneeb Mehta from Pakistan, Dr. Gancar C Premananto from Indonesia, and Dr. Arlinah ABD Rashid from Malaysia, served as panelist to enrich the discussions.

The seminar, moderated by Dr. Hamidah MD Yusop, provided a platform for intellectual discourse on the evolving landscape of business education and the future demands of the industry. Over the course of three hours, the event attracted a diverse audience consisting of scholars and professionals from various universities across Indonesia.

A recording of the seminar is available for viewing via the following link For further details, including event documentation, participant and speaker certificates, and a comprehensive summary, please visit:

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