Thesis Examination "Strategic Formulation of Competition to Build JTV Brand Equity in the Digital Era based on Positioning Analysis"

An interesting research issue was raised by Master of Management student, Rina Prabawati. As a Director of JTV, the research issues raised are related to JTV's strategic steps in the digital era in facing the latest competition in the world of television. guided by Dr. Gancar C. Premananto, the exam was carried out by examining lecturers who are experts in the field of marketing, especially marketing strategy, including Prof. Indrianawati Usman, Prof. Sri Hartini, Dr. Masmira Kurniawati, Dr. M Yusak Anshori. The exam which took place at 13.00 was interesting considering the discussion of concepts and theory linked to real practical conditions in the world of television. Some results are stated off the record, because they relate to company strategy. The exam results stated that the student had passed the thesis exam with minor revision and received an A rating.

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